Canada updated the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Canada updated the Temporary Foreign Worker Program recently to combat the existing labor shortages. The Immigration and Employment Minister declared specific changes to the Program. During the COVID phase, Canada took multiple temporary initiatives to develop a simplified labor market environment.

Canada updated the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Minister Boissonnault claimed that Canada was witnessing a different economic scenario. He also stated that several measures were unnecessary because the gap between unemployment and vacant jobs was narrowing.

The TFWP was meant to grant work permits to foreign nationals who could bridge the labor market gap in Canada. Canadian businesses that look forward to recruiting foreign nationals via the TFWP must submit their application by attaching an LMIA. This LMIA will ensure that there are no suitable Canadian pr PR holders to fill the vacant job positions.

During the COVID period, Canada temporarily extended the validity period of an LMIA to up to 12 months. This was an attempt to reduce labor market stress. In addition, from May 1, 2024, the validity period will eventually resume to 6 months.

Notably, employers who were members of the Recognized Employer Pilot Program will not be subject to any change.

Lower-wage employees applying via the TFWP must comprise a maximum of 20 percent of a workforce business in Canada. The country increased the limitation by up to 30 percent.

From May 1, 2024, the construction and healthcare industries will be authorized to get at least 30 percent of their labor force at lower-wage work permits under the TFWP.

Essentially, the restriction exemption for agricultural and seasonal employers will remain firm. These changes occur as Canada tries to improve the integrity of the immigration system, which plays a chief role in the Canadian economy.

Canada recently declared a limitation on study permits and introduced updates to the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program in an effort to stabilize the faster growth of international students.

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